Jenny Chi & André Siqueira

André Siqueira & the album «Live in Rio»

In 2010, Jenny Chi released a second album – "Live in Rio" – featuring a live recording of a duo in Rio de Janeiro. A voice, a guitar, an oceanfront lounge; sometimes that is all that’s needed.

The album is as genuine as the history of its creation. It is a snapshot of a musical encounter between Jenny Chi and the young Brazilian guitarist, André Siqueira. During February and March of 2009, the duo played in a series of concerts at the Bossa Lounge in Rio de Janeiro, district of Leme, just next to Copacabana.

Sound engineer Fabrizio de Francesco, with only an SM58 vocal microphone and a guitar line at his disposal rudimentarily recorded the concerts in the Bossa Lounge. When Jenny returned to Rio in Spring 2010, de Francesco had put together a live cut of the recordings. Enthusiastic about the raw intimacy, the immediacy and the vitality of the demo, Jenny was determined to make an album out of it. ("Jenny Chi & André Siqueira - Live in Rio" MPM 2010).

Since then, Andre Siqueira has become a steady musical partner and performs regularly with Jenny Chi in Switzerland and Brazil, both as a duo and part of the band.

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