Jenny Chi

Jenny Chi - Biography

Jenny Chi, of Swiss and Chinese origins, discovered Bossa Nova in the early nineties for the first time in her father's record collection. From then on, she was fascinated by the 50s style of Rio de Janeiro, and eventually went on to live in Brazil where she took lessons in singing and percussion in Rio and São Paulo. As lead singer, Jenny has made numerous concert appearances over the years in Switzerland, Italy and Brazil, especially with her own band ChiBossa. On the albums "Jenny Chi - ChiBossa» (MPM 2007) and "Jenny Chi & André Siqueira - Live in Rio" (MPM 2010) she performed with a Bossa Nova band and as a duo. After twenty years of dedication to classic Bossa Nova, Jenny Chi is now venturing on to her own compositions, the result of which has brought the best of her two worlds – Switzerland and Brazil – together.

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