André Siqueira

André Siqueira

André Siqueira was born in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil, and grew up in Rio de Janeiro. He plays in bands with musicians of his generation such as Renato Frazão and Luiza Borges, as well as with more established musicians in the Brazilian music scene, namely Danilo Caymmi, Roberta Miranda, Tânia Alves or Roberta Sá. Together with Jenny Chi, André realized the 2009 live duo CD "Live in Rio". On "nosso mar", he contributed as a guitarist, a composer and arranger.


Thomas Silvestri

Thomas Silvestri studied with Mario Lecaros at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona, Kenny Barron and Rainer Brünigbahn house. Since 1993 he has been active as a jazz pianist and composer, and in 2006 he received an award from the city of Schaffhausen. In addition to Jazz, Thomas has worked with numerous reputable musicians in the Swiss Brazilian scene, including Rodrigo Botter Maio. Silvestri has been playing with Jenny Chi since 2006 and was involved in the making of her first CD.

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Michael Zisman

A bandoneon player, considered one of the greatest talents on this instrument. Michael Zisman has been involved in several projects with renowned artists such as Paquito D'Rivera, Al Di Meola, Bert Joris and many others. He also plays in his own ensembles. Michael's talent was already featured on Jenny Chi's first CD "Jenny Chi - ChiBossa". On "nosso mar" he enriches 4 tracks with his virtuoso playing. One composition was created with Jenny Chi.

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Acoustic Bass

Ralph Sonderegger

Ralph Sonderegger studied guitar with Philipp Schaufelbergerstrasse (Jazz) and Claudio Mermoud (Flamenco) before switching to the contrabass about 15 years ago. Ralph has been playing in Jenny Chi's band ChiBossa since its creation in 2000. He shines in the world of Brazilian rhythms and is just as nimble in jazz and with his Italian project "Sarda".

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Mauro Martins

Mauro Martins comes from Curitiba, southern Brazil. At twenty, he was invited to Switzerland and has since developed a diverse track record of accomplishments from his new home in Europe. Mauro works both as a studio musician, as well as an arranger and composer. Memorable collaborations include working with Phil Collins, Tania Maria, Richard Galliano and Chico César.


Floriano Inácio Junior

At the age of 12, the piano and cavaquinho player Floriano Inácio Júnior from São Paulo started to play and accompany singers in the city. In São Paulo, he started to play at RG Samba and travelled all over Brazil with groups like Soweto (Belo), Gamação and Moleque Travesso. In 1999, he received an invitation to play in Switzerland and decided to study there. In his academic resumé appear the Geneva Conservatory of Music, in the professional class of jazz, and the Musikhochschule Luzern. In Switzerland, Floriano played with musicians of the caliber of Ademir Cândido, Rodrigo Botter-Maio, Diana Miranda and Rafael Lima.

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Daniel Pezzotti

Daniel Pezzotti is considered Europe's most creative cellist. In 1981 he completed his studies at the Zurich Conservatory with honors. Since then he has performed regularly as a soloist and a chamber musician in concerts globally. A versatile performer, Daniel progressively turned more and more to jazz and Brazilian music. He has played in music projects with Steve Swallow, Ray Anderson, Lee Konitz, Hermeto Pascoal, Wagner Tiso and Guinga and made appearances at Carnegie Hall (NY) and the Sala Cecília Mereiles (Rio).

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Josep Joaquim Sanchis