nosso mar – new album

Jenny Chi’s third album «nosso mar» represents her musical voyages to Brazil and her years of dedication to Bossa Nova. And for first time it features her own lyrical talent with about half of the tracks written in her own hand. Although the rhythm and harmony of the songs no longer completely correspond to the pure Bossa style, each composition is unmistakably influenced by the vulnerable melancholy of Bossa Nova - simple, touching and wonderfully poetic.

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In addition to her own lyrics, some songs from "nosso mar" (release october 2013) were written and composed with some of the musician friends Jenny Chi made on her trips to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Three of the singles are previously unpublished works by fellow composers in the current Brazilian music scene. The album is completed with the singer’s favourite pieces from contemporary composers, as well as newly arranged classics from old Bossa Nova masters. In collaboration with long-time musical companions from Switzerland, a work of intimate sounds has been created that combines Jenny Chi's roots, experiences and inspirations.


12. September 2024, 12:00 Uhr

Feiner Mittags-Bossa

Kirche St. Josef, Kreis 5, ZH

Jenny Chi (voc), André Siqueira (g), Ralph Sonderegger (b)


13. September 2024, 20:30 Uhr

Bossa back in town I

Jazzclub Lustenau, AT

Jenny Chi (voc), André Siqueira (g), Floriano Inacio (p), Ralph Sonderegger (b), Mauro Martins (dr)


14. September 2024, 20:00 Uhr


Bar am Egge

Jenny Chi (voc) & André Siqueira (g)


19. September 2024, 20:15 Uhr

Bossa back in town II

Esse Musicbar, Winterthur ZH

Jenny Chi (voc), André Siqueira (g), Ralph Sonderegger (b), Mauro Martins (dr)


21. September 2024, 18:00 Uhr

Jenny Chi Bossa Septett

Zentrum Paul Klee, Auditorium Martha Müller, BE

feat. André Siqueira (g), Michael Zisman (bandoneon), Annapaola Zisman (cello), Floriano Inacio (p), Ralph Sonderegger (b), Mauro Martins (dr)


27. September 2024, 20:30 Uhr

Schaffhauser Bossagenossa

Haberhaus, SH

Jenny Chi (voc), André Siqueira (g), Thomas Silvestri (p), Ralph Sonderegger (b), Mauro Martins (dr)

28. September 2024, 20:00 Uhr


Atelier Noigass, Zürich

Jenny Chi (voc), André Siqueira (g), Michael Zisman (bandoneon), Floriano Inacio (p), Ralph Sonderegger (b), Flo Reichle (dr)

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CD release "nosso mar", Kaufleuten, Zürich, Switzerland